Professional Computer Repair

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Skilled Computer Repair in Norwalk, CT

Is it time for you to get a new computer system, but you dread the setup? Just leave it in the box and call one of our setup specialists! We will completely setup your new computer, including the printer.  We can transfer all of your old files, such as photos, e-mails and address books to your new computer.  We also can transfer settings, such as your e-mail accounts and Internet settings, to your new computer. We offer the following services:

During the process, we will make sure that your security settings are optimized and your software is up to date as well.

So don't wait for that new computer system.  Call our setup specialists for help today!



Laptop and Desktop overheat issue..

Your computer runs slow due to over heat that gets in the heat sink ventilation area as see in the picture. We fix this common issues. Please call us to set up an appointment and a free diagnostic.